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Academic Affairs  

Provost's Welcome

Greetings from the Provost

Joseph R. UrgoGreetings from Asheville, and from the campus of the University of North Carolina’s designated liberal arts institution. The Office of the Provost is committed to ensuring the success of faculty, students, and staff and to fostering a university-wide climate of learning what we don’t know, sharing what we do know, and collaboration to enhance learning for all. Our mission is to provide the strategic vision, leadership, and support necessary for academic success. We are, as a result, committed to furthering the University’s core focus on inclusive teaching and learning, undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity, and service to the campus community and to the people of Western North Carolina.

The liberal arts is a conversation which is at once as old as human thought and creation and as new and innovative as the digital technologies that advance its inquiry today. The human condition that rises from knowledge of our mortality (which we are more likely to call sustainability today) defines the central concerns that inform our lives as students, as faculty and staff, and as citizens of the nation and the world. The University of North Carolina Asheville, as a liberal arts institution, enters this conversation with the goal of finding within it the kind of meaningful and consequential lives our students are anxious to undertake. The state of North Carolina and the nation owe a debt of gratitude to the students who come to UNC Asheville to pursue these ambitious goals.

I am particularly proud of our faculty, who have devoted their careers to undergraduate education, who invite their students to participate in research and creative endeavors as intellectual partners, and who serve as mentors to some of the brightest and academically courageous students in the nation. Their dedication in turn provides a model for our students to emulate, whose lives and careers, we expect, will be similarly inspired by the ideals and the vision of human progress. The Provost’s Office is fundamentally the work of supporting the faculty in their work in and out of the classroom.

We offer undergraduate degree programs leading to the B.A., B.S., B.F.A., and B.S.E. Students may choose from 32 majors and 40 minors, including courses preparing for teacher licensure. An array of academic support programs broaden and enrich the student educational experience including undergraduate research, service learning, community engagement, career development, our Honors program and study abroad. A university-wide project, known as Inquiry Arc, endeavors to improve and assess our ability to teach and learn critical thinking skills that are essential for 21st century citizenship.

You are welcome to peruse our website to learn in greater detail what the Provost’s Office does and who does it. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Provost’s Office staff if we may be of assistance.

Joseph R. Urgo
Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for oversight, management, and accomplishment of the institution's educational mission. To this end, the Office of Academic Affairs works with departments and programs to create and maintain an environment that:Phillips Hall

  • cultivates student learning and growth
  • provides varied opportunities for students to achieve our learning outcomes
  • promotes diversity among people and ideas as a way to enrich students’ lives
  • encourages students to explore interdisciplinary connections
  • provides the faculty support and development critical to the evolution of vibrant learning environments for our students.