Faculty Book Publications

Faculty Book Publications, 2016-17 and Forthcoming

Boakye-Boaten, Agya. Mitigating the Radicalization of Marginalized Groups in Africa. NAAAS Monograph Series. National Association of African American Studies. 2016.

Boyle, Kirk. The Rhetoric of Humor: A Bedford Spotlight Reader. Bedford/St. Martin’s. 2016.

Burchard, Melissa. Philosophical Reflections on Mothering in Trauma. Routledge. 2018, forthcoming.

Butler, Brian E. The Democratic Constitution: Experimentalism and Interpretation. Chicago University Press. 2017, forthcoming.

Butler, Brian E. The Real Metaphysical Club. Ed. Frank Ryan and James A. Good. SUNY Press. 2017, forthcoming.

Cash, Wiley. The Last Ballad. Morrow. 2017.

Chess, Richard. Love Nailed to the Doorpost. University of Tampa Press. 2017.

Field, Thomas A. Neurocounseling: Brain-Based Clinical Approaches. Ed. Laura K. Jones and Lori A. Russell-Chapin. Wiley. 2017.

Gurney, Evan. Love's Quarrels: Reading Charity in Early Modern England. University of Massachusetts Press. 2018, forthcoming.

Haschke, Peter. Human Rights in Democracies. Routledge. 2018 . 

Himelein, Melissa. Interpersonal Helping Skills Instruction in Undergraduate PsychologyInternship Courses. Society for the Teaching of Psychology, American Psychological Association. 2017.

Herrick, Christopher, Zheya Gai, and Surain Subramaniam. China’s Peaceful Rise: Perceptions, Policy and Misperceptions. Manchester University Press. 2016.

Hester, P.T., and Adams, K. MacG. Systemic Decision Making: Fundamentals for Addressing Problems and Messes. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International. 2017.

Maitra, Keya. The Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita: A Contemporary Introduction. Bloomsbury. 2018, forthcoming.

Maitra, Keya. Feminist Philosophy of Mind. Co-ed. with Jennifer McWeeny. Oxford University Press. 2019, forthcoming.

Pierce, Daniel S. Hazel Creek: The Life and Death of an Iconic Mountain Community. Great Smokey Mountains Association. 2017.

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