Faculty Conciliator

Becca Hale (2022-2024)



304 Zeis Hall, CPO 2040

Heidi Kelley (2023-2025)


225 Zageir Hall, CPO 1930


The job of the Faculty Conciliator is to hear student grievances, to try to resolve them at the earliest stage consistent with fairness to all parties, and to guide the student through the later stages of the grievance procedure if conciliation proves impossible. Consistent with justice, it should be the aim of the Conciliator to resolve as many cases as possible without going to the Academic Appeals Board.

The Faculty Conciliator is chosen by SGA from a list of four full-time faculty members submitted by the Faculty Senate. SGA selects one of the nominees as an Alternate Conciliator should the circumstances of a specific situation make the involvement of the Conciliator impractical. Because of the personal nature of some of the grievances and the potential for injured feelings and hostility, only tenured faculty are eligible to have their names submitted to SGA for the position. Both the conciliator and the alternate serve one-year terms with the alternate assuming the position of conciliator in the subsequent year.

Procedures are fully described in the faculty handbook.