Budget Information

The Office of Academic Budget and Personnel, located in Phillips Hall Office of the Deans, is part of the Office of Academic Affairs that supports the Provost.  This office supports the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the general operations of the division through program analysis, budget preparation, scenario forecasting, financial records management consistent with “best financial management standards and budgetary practices” and responsible resource tracking and usage assessments.

UNC Asheville follows North Carolina State regulations in formulating all general operating, renovation, repair, capital or other fund budgets. In preparation for each biennial budget, the Office of State Budget and Management (OSBM) holds meetings with state agencies to review agency-specific program inventories and to discuss how information is to be collected for the budget development process. OSBM issues instructions for the preparation and oversees submission of budgets as required by the General Assembly on a biennium or annual basis.

Managing department and program budgets can be challenging. Below are some helpful resources providing information on making and managing budgets.

Forms – Travel Regulations and Rates

Forms – Finance

  • Independent Contractors
  • Mobile Communication Stipend Authorization Form
  • Inventory Forms
  • Check Request
  • New Fund Request

Forms – Payroll

  • Direct Deposit Forms
  • Student Employment Contracts
  • Payroll Request Form
  • Dual Employment
  • Temporary Employee Authorization Form
  • Payroll Request Forms

Other Forms

  • Sample Budget Template with Instructions
  • Introduction to Self Service Banner (updated July 2016)
  • Purchasing Policies may be reviewed on the Financial Affairs website.

If you need additional assistance, please contact your dean.