Position Allocation Committee

As stated in the Faculty Handbook, Section 10.4.3, "The Position Allocation Committee (PAC) is the primary means by which faculty can have input into the allocation process whenever a new faculty line is available or whenever an existing line becomes open (through retirement, resignation, or nonrenewal of contract.)" The duties of PAC, as specified in the Faculty Handbook, are as follows:

  • To make recommendations to the Provost regarding the allocation of faculty lines to academic departments and programs according to a three-year allocation plan that the committee is to develop and continually update.
  • To develop and annually revise faculty hiring guidelines.
  • To consider which responsibilities originally delegated to the Council of Chairs could be profitably assumed by the Position Allocation Committee.
  • To report annually to the Faculty Senate the three-year allocation plan, changes in hiring guidelines and suggestions as to how the Position Allocation Committee can be a more effective faculty voice.

Position Allocation Committee Members 

PAC 2016 report

2016 Provost Response to PAC and Recommendations to the Chancellor

2017 Provost Response to PAC and Recommendations to the Chancellor

2018 Provost Response to PAC Report and Recommendations to the Chancellor