Program Assessment

UNC Asheville is committed to providing excellent learning environments and learning experiences for its students. As part of the University's Institutional Effectiveness process, all programs in Academic Affairs participate in annual assessment of both unit operations and student learning to provide the information necessary for improvement.

This commitment is underscored in the following statement from the UNC Asheville Faculty Senate:

Assessment, in our context, is a systematic reflection of teaching and learning wherever it occurs in the university. It is the basis of our growth as a community of learning. In a time of ever-increasing public accountability, doing what we love to do depends in part on our ability to demonstrate what we do, that we are continually striving to be better at what we do, and most importantly that our students benefit from our efforts.

- (Faculty Senate Document SD0408F; approved 11/13/08)

To facilitate this assessment work, each academic department or program--including each component of the Integrative Liberal Studies program--appoints an assessment liaison to work with the Director of Academic Assessment.

Complete information about both the institutional effectiveness process and the program assessment component, including schedules of activities and deadlines, is available at

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